Meet your new best friends - the friends that want you to look really good after you've had a baby, who make your other mom friends wonder how you're still so hot when you haven't slept in a week and smell like spit up, who want you to look like you have a full time nanny and haven't been existing on leftover scraps of your toddler's pb&j sandwiches, who let you dress up or dress down the same outfits days in a row, all while you feel like you're still in your yoga pants. So yea, you're going to want to know Peabody.


The Peabody story began when my first son, Palmer, was born. I was a mess of emotions from overwhelming love, to confusion, to exhaustion, to resentment - I felt trapped in a body that I no longer knew and never had the motivation to leave my house or live the life I once had. How could my body have created this miracle person who I loved so much and who was so perfect, but look so unfamiliar and unattractive? For months I only wore yoga pants and button down shirts because that's what fit and what made nursing easiest. I purchased every postpartum belly band on the market, but was never satisfied with the fit, level of comfort or compression, ability to nurse while wearing them or wear normal clothes over them. I knew there had to be a better way and I never considered wearing maternity clothes a viable option! It took me getting pregnant a second time to really put these ideas in motion and on Palmer's second birthday, Peabody became a reality!


All of our clothing is made from or lined with anti-microbial, moisture wicking and odor absorbing fabric to keep you cool, dry, neat, and fresh from early morning wakeup to midnight feeding. Our revolutionary waist cincher is like none before it! Our three levels of zippers provide compression and support for the changing midsection, while being comfortable enough to wear around the clock without any stiff feeling or crunch of velcro. Structured boning in the back gives extra posture support and encourages healing. The PeabodyBand is sold alone and attached to two of our three pants.

Born in America, Peabody Mom prides itself on using local designers, pattern makers and manufacturers. Our goal is to create luxury athleisure for the every-mom to feel comfortable and gorgeous, whether she’s staying at home, commuting to work, or running errands on a busy day - but most of all, to get out and live her life looking great!